Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature HSH Roasted Flame Maple Caramelized Ash


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This tantalisingly woody offering from Charvel that looks like a prop from Lord of The Rings, comes from the brilliant mind of frizzy haired fret ninja Guthrie Govan. It's caramelised ash body genuinely smells like caramel so we don't recommend purchasing this guitar if you live next door to a bakery. 

Everything about this guitar has been designed to meet Guthrie's highest standards. From the stianless jumbo frets and compound radius to the graphite reinforced neck, performance is the name of the game. It's ash body, roasted in the fires of Mordor, weighs a comfortable 7.33lbs and works amazingly with the custom Charvel humbuckers.

While the guitar is in mint condition with the original hard case, Guthries frizzy hair, wizard-like beard and alien guitar skills are sadly not included.

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