Dingwall NG3 Adam "Nolly" Getgood Signature 4-String Black Forest Green


Dingwall NG3 Adam "Nolly" Getgood Signature 4-String Black Forest Green

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Weight: 8.57 lbs

4-String E-Bass from the Dingwall Ready to Play Series

Adam "Nolly" Getgood (Periphery, Red Seas Fire) signature model

Dark green metallic finish

Bolt-on construction with 34" to 36.25" multiscale scale length (864 mm to 921 mm)

Alder body

Bolted maple neck

24 fret maple fingerboard with Offset Dot inlays

"Medium Thin C" neck profile

Three Dingwall FD3N neodymium pickups

4-way rotary pickup selector switch (bridge, bridge & middle serial, bridge & neck parallel, neck)

Active Darkglass Tone Capsule 3-band tone control

Active/Passive switch

Dingwall single bridges

Hipshot Ultralite bass machine heads

Dingwall Bass gig bag included

With the Dingwall NG3 Nolly Signature 4-String Black Forest Green the Canadian bass manufacturer Adam "Nolly" Getgood, the charismatic bassist and producer of the Djent Metal pioneers Periphery, tailors a 4-String E-Bass in trendy multiscale construction. Besides the alder body Dingwall uses an extremely agile "Medium Thin C" neck made of maple, while FD-3N neodymium pickups and an active Darkglass Tone Capsule electronics promise a multifaceted sound spectrum. High-quality Hardware in the form of Dingwall single bridges and precise Hipshot Ultralite bass tuners complete the NG3 Nolly Signature 4-string bass guitar by Dingwall.

Multiscale construction for tighte sounds

The construction of the NG3 Nolly Getgood Signature Bass follows the trendy multiscale construction with optimally tuned scales for each string. Here the range is from 34" (864 mm) at the G to 36.25" (921 mm) at the low E, so that every note is reproduced with absolute precision and even Sustain. While the alder body of the bass guitar convinces with a perfect balance both on the strap and on the thigh, the bolt-on maple neck offers optimal playing characteristics for virtuoso grooving between the 24 fanned frets of the maple fingerboard thanks to the agile "Medium Thin C" profile.

Neodymium pickups and Darkglass electronics.

The electrical sound conversion of the NG3 Nolly Signature 4-String Bass is done by three Dingwall FD-3N pickups, which, thanks to the powerful neodymium magnets, come up with an aggressive, yet smooth tone. The rotary switch calls up the pickups individually as well as in serial or parallel combination, so that the four-stringer comes up with four characterful basic sounds. For precise adjustment of the sound, the Multiscale Bass is equipped with the Darkglass Tone Capsule electronics, which is an active 3-band tone control with controls for basses as well as high and low mids. If desired, the four-stringer can also be set to passive mode.

High-quality hardware equipment

Last but not least, the NG3 Nolly Signature 4-String Black Forest Green bass guitar comes up with a high-quality hardware equipment, which also completes hard sessions on stage and in the recording studio with unshakable reliability. On the body, four Dingwall single bridges promise optimal adjustment of intonation and string action, while the popular Hipshot Ultralite tuners not only guarantee precise tuning, but also reliably prevent the dreaded neck dive.