Fender American Professional II Stratocaster with Rosewood Fretboard 2020 - 2021 Olympic White


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Tired of people not taking you seriously in the music business? Well, if you buy a guitar with 'Professional' in the title your worries are over. Finsihed in Olympic white with a hollowed out tortoise for a pickguard, this strat not only looks wicked but will stand up to any abuse you can through at it while gigging down at the duck and shovel. 

Renamed the American Professional II, these guitars are 1 better than the original line. Designed by British radio show host Tim Shaw, the V-mod pickups blend alnico II/III and IV to give the player a perfectly balanced tone in all positions. They're hot enough to handle most high gain situations, while retaining enough vintage clarity to satisfy even the most discerning radio 4 listener. 

A sculpted heal and rolled edges give a luxurious feel to the neck, while the satin neck finish is the perfect feel for your soft, soft hands that have never left the office... that means you, Dave.  

In Uber mint condition, this Strat has no dingy wingys or nasty marks whatsoever. Boutght less than 2 weeks ago by previous owner It's absolutely spotless and comes with all the original documents and VHS bootleg of Car SOS, signed by Tim Shaw's mum. Tim wasn't in. 

Weight: 7.66 lbs / 3475 grams

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