Fender American Standard Stratocaster with Maple Fretboard 2014 Black



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With a subtle nod to David Gilmour, this American Standard Strat has been modified with a black scratch plate and an interesting mini switch that activates the neck pickup for some wonderful telecaster tones. 

It's relatively light for a US standard and the modern C neck is nice and slim without feeling at all 'skinny' the 9.5" radius is a perfect middle ground for a nice feel, while allowing a lower action that a vintage spec Fender neck. 

Engaging the switch allows you to use the neck pickup in positions 4 and 5, giving you the option of all three single coils on at once, or a telecaster style neck and bridge combination. 

The original pickguard and black plate are included as is the original Fender Moulded hard case. Despite being 7 years old, this excellent Strat is in completely mint condition with no play wear whatsoever! 

Weight: 7.68 lbs / 3485 grams

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