Fender American Standard Stratocaster with Rosewood Fretboard 2015 Olympic White



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This 2015 American Standard is a killer guitar. It's 8.08lb alder body ahs bags of power and punch witch add a grunty mid range quality to the tone. The Olympic White finish has turned an subtle cream colour and looks extremely classy.

With a factory set of fat 50s pickups, this thing has lots of classic strat chime and clarity but more power and mid range prescience making it an excellent choice for overdriven tones, although the cleans are still exceptional! The no load delta tone circuit keeps the tone crystal clear until you use the tone pot, a wonderful upgrade that came with this particular era of American Standard.

This one has had the tuners upgraded to locking ones, which really ensures tuning stability when using the trem, and makes restringing a breeze. It's other wise stock.

With a little buckle rash on the back of the neck plate being the only sign of use, this  guitar has been kept in immaculate condition for the last five years and comes with it's original Fender hard case. 

Weight: 8.08 lbs / 3670 grams

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