Fender American Standard Telecaster with Fishman AST Powerbridge & Preamp 2001 3 Tone Sunburst


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Stunning 2001 Standard, completely stock apart from the obvious modification. Plays and sounds exceptional, was clearly picked up from a bunch of them as the best one out of as it clearly is an exceptional guitar with very expensive and effective upgrade. You can use a Y cable or normal and blend or not depending or preference. Comes in a Mono M80 Gigbag.
The World’s Finest Acoustic Pickup For Your Electric Guitar!

Our Powerbridge pickups offer the electric guitarist a palette of incredible acoustic and hybrid acoustic/electric sounds, for Strat®, Tele® and Les Paul® guitars. The Fishman  is recommended, but not required for all Powerbridge models.

The AST Powerbridge Pickup fits Modern American Standard Telecaster and other guitars with closer lead pickup spacing.

The Powerchip makes it possible to mix the signal from your Powerbridge with the magnetic pickups already in your guitar. This exclusive piezo volume control works in conjunction with our “Smart SwitchTM” circuit, that “senses” what type of guitar cable you are using, and automatically splits your piezo and magnetic signals to stereo or mixes them to mono.

The Powerchip requires a 9-volt battery installation, or can also be powered by a Fluence rechargeable battery pack.

Powerchip Features:

  • Onboard accessory for mixing Powerbridge and magnetic pickups
  • Fishman-designed piezo volume control works in conjunction with an exclusive “Smart Switch” circuit, which automatically splits your piezo and magnetic outputs to stereo, or mixes them to mono
  • Up to 200 hours between battery changes
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