Fender American Standard Telecaster with Maple Fretboard 2009 3-Color Sunburst


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This 2009 Fender American Standard Telecaster is a shining example of how good the US standard range from Fender was. It's 8.04lbs and it's alder body has a brilliant snap and high end detail. The American Standard pickups really fit the bill for this guitar, giving you glassy strat like neck tones and powerful mid range grunt from the bridge.

The modern C neck of this time was a little fatter than the earlier examples. Almost the perfect C shape neck, it's neither too big nor too thin. The 9.5" radius has always been the perfect middle ground for a modern Fender and the action is nice and low, making it a joy to play.

It's in mint condition, which is always nice to see on a twelve year old guitar. It's been treasured the last decade of it's life showing no signs of wear and tear at all. It comes with the original SKB moulded hard case and all the appropriate paperwork.

Weight: 8.06 lbs / 3655 grams

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