Fender American Vintage '56 Stratocaster 2015 Black


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Finished in Black, this American Vintage strat has been a players guitar its whole life. Covered in chips. dings and lots of natural playwear, this strat is a real-life relic with lots of character. 

With a refret to vintage tall frets, it's a joy to play. The neck has been redone in ultra-thin nitro that's already starting to show wear marks and the rolled edges are wonderfully comfortable. The bridge pickup has been changed to a Dimarzio  Tonezone for some more versatile bridge tones and a switch installed to give you tell like middle sounds or even all three pickups on! 

It's a player grade guitar, but that's because it's a good one. It's a pleasure to play and really feels like it has a story to tell. It comes with a good quality generic gig bag. 

Weight: 7.84lbs / 3560 grams

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