Fender Classic Series '72 Telecaster Custom 2002 Black


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Brilliant Telecaster Custom in excellent condition, plays and sounds superb. Will be setup with your preferred strings gauge before shipping, comes in an old generic hardcase as well

The Fender Classic Series 72 Telecaster Custom Black maple is another brilliant affordable reissue of an icon solid body electric guitar.

The Fender Classic Series 72 Telecaster Custom is essentially two guitars in one. Take the classic twang and bite of the Telecaster bridge pickup and then combine it with a neck position humbucker and put them in a solid alder body and you have some serious versatility.

The build quality and finish on this stunning reissue is immaculate. A maple neck with a C profile and 7.25 inch radius maple fretboard has been neatly mounted into the alder body. Fender Guitars created the Fender Classic Series 72 Telecaster Custom Black to compete with their big rival, Gibson, by offering the power and output of a humbucking pickup.

This guitar offers the best of both worlds by including both Telecaster bite in the bridge and humbucking power at the neck. The controls and neck pickup are mounted onto a large scratch-plate that covers more than half the top of the guitar. The bridge pickup is nicely placed in the the vintage style bridge that features three adjustable saddles. What really turns this into a cross over electric guitar is the inclusion of separate tone and volume controls for each pickup.

The tones that can be conjured up from the Fender Classic Series 72 Telecaster Custom Black really set this apart from it's rivals. Plenty of bite is on offer from the bridge Single Coil and plenty of smooth humbucking power from the neck. When you combine the two pickups and balance it with the controls this electric sounds massive and unlike anything else. It is perfect for classic Rolling Stones riff-age! The neck humbucker through a nice clean valve amp delivers beautiful warm clean tones that are perfect for jazz and more!

If you like the vintage look and feel of classic Fender Guitars and want something a little different from the norm then the Fender Classic Series 72 Telecaster Custom Black with a Maple fingerboard might be for you.

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