Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Stratocaster 2015 Black


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A custom shop version of the renowned Clapton Signature Strat, this guitar has a wonderful spec list and is a pleasure ti play.

It's V neck feels very familiar and the satin finish ensures there is no stickiness. A 9.5" radius means a low action isn't an issue either.

The TBX tone control and mid boost make perfect sense if you want to gig with one guitar. With Les Paul sustain and punch at your finger tips, it's very addictive to play. The TBX allows some wonderful hifi like cleans by boosting the top and bottom frequencies as well. 

Aside from some light impressions on front and some swirls on the back, this Custom Shop Clapton is in perfect condition and all original.

Weight: 8.0 lbs / 3635 grams

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