Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster with Maple Fretboard 2005 - 2018 2-Color Sunburst


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Weighing in at 7.66lbs, this stunning Eric Johnson Stratocaster is an impeccably designed instrument brought to you from the mind of a musical genius. Essentially the very best version of a '57 strat, the EJ signatures have a list of specs that make them arguable the ultimate Stratocaster.

The soft 50s style V is a pleasure to play and thanks to the 12" radius, the action is low and choke free. The pickups are Alnico III neck and middle for sweet, smooth top end and an overwound alnico 5 bridge adds powerful tele like midrange to the back pickup's tone.

In excellent condition , with only a few small marks and some barely noticeable buckle rash, this outstanding Stratocaster comes with it's original whammy bar, ash tray cover and two-tone G&G hard shell case.

Weight: 7.66 lbs / 3475 grams

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