Fender JV Jazzmaster 1985 Sunburst


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Rarely will we say that a Japanese Fender surpasses Custom Shop equivalents that we've owned, but in this case an exception must be made. This 1985 Fender Jazzmaster is quite possibly one of the best Fender offset guitars we have played. 

Weighing in at 7.46lbs, it's feather weight for a Jazz. It rings loud and proud and those big ol' P90s capture every nuance of this outstanding guitar! It's light easy to play, sounds incredible and really must be played to be believed! 

Not only is this 45 year old treasure extremely rare, it's in excellent condition displaying only a few knocks to show it's advanced age. It even has it's original tremolo arm and Fender hard case. 

Weight: 7.46 lbs / 3385 grams

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