Fender Limited Edition Parallel Universe Series Jazz Tele 2-Color Sunburst 2018


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The limited run of 2018 Parallel Universe guitars was Fender's groundbreaking way of thinking out of the box, while holding onto traditional values. A phenomenal blend of 'what if' creativity and classic Fender body shapes. 

This Jazz-Tele is a cross between the original Telecaster electric design and Fender's Jazzmaster. The telecaster shape, a classic 'plank', gives punch, power and presence without being as awkward as the Jazzmaster's offset body can feel to some people. The body shape is where the telecaster part ends. The hardware, neck shape, electrics and pickgaurd are all Jazz'. Ready and waiting for those classic surf riffs or J Mascis noises that you would expect it to pull off.

This guitar is in absolutely perfect condition and has hardly been played. It even has the original plastic wrap on it.  Definitely worth of the case queen title. 

All our guitars are meticulously fret dressed, set up and restrung to give you a guitar that feels and plays perfectly while maximising it's full tonal potential.

Customisation is a service we will happily provide for little extra cost. If you wish to have a specific set of pickups or parts fitted, we will happily oblige. Please don't hesitate to ask!

Weight -  7.72 lbs

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