Fender Stratocaster Plus 1987 3 Colour Sunburst


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This 1987 Stratocaster plus is finished in 3 colour sunburst and looks as clean as the day it was born!

It's factory gold lace sensors sound crisp and clear with lot's of top end detail and dynamics. The neck is really slim and slick with a great low action. It's barely been played with serious damage at all and the neck has taken on a lovely amber colour with age.

The 2 point trem functions as well today as it did back then, staying in perfect tune when used. The locking tuners make restring a breeze and help keep things stable.

With only a few, very subtle knocks, this 1987 Strat plus feels a but like a time capsule with it's original case, strap and duster still in the sealed bag. 

Weight: 8.59 lbs / 3895 grams

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