Gibson BB King Lucille 1998 Cherry


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No words are needed to describe the influence BB King had on music history and people around the world and his guitar 'Lucille' has always been a part of his magic. Commemorating the man himself with his personal preferences such as no f-holes, variatone switch and big block inlays on an ebony board, this BB king signature is finished in a very unusual Cherry Red.

The necks are a brilliant all rounders. Not to large but not to thin, they are perfect for bluesy bends and warbling vibrato. The variatone switch adds so much versatility, with a network of frequency altering capacitors changing the tone in many, expressive ways. It's the sort of guitar that's difficult to put down once you pick it up!

Holding more value due to rarity, these cherry Lucille's are a wonderful investment as well as top tone machines. With only a small crack in the pickguard and some marks from a guitar stand, this one is in excellent condition, especially considering it's age. It also has the original pink lined Gibson hard case.

Weight: 10.26 lbs / 4655 grams

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