Gibson ES-339 with Dot Inlays 2011 Antique Vintage Sunburst


Gibson ES-339 with Dot Inlays 2011 Antique Vintage Sunburst

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Weight: 7.04 lbs

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Gibson Custom’s ES-339 semi-hollowbody electric guitar takes the legendary sound of Gibson’s larger ES Series guitars, and delivers it in a smaller body size that’s perfect for guitarists. This is a fantastic semi in a league of it's own, plays and sounds incredible, shows some signs of use and minor marks but no breaks or repairs. Comes in original hard case.

Gibson Memphis ES-339 – Vintage Sunburst

Through the course of more than five decades and myriad shifting musical styles, the ES-335 has remained one of the most popular electric guitars of all time. Its ingenious blend of hollowbody warmth and complexity and solidbody bite and sustain made it arguably the most versatile guitar available when Gibson introduced the model in 1958, and that design imperative hasn’t changed today.

For some players more accustomed to the slimmer lines and more compact dimensions of a solidbody electric, though, the standard ES-335 can feel just a little large and unwieldy. Enter Gibson Memphis’s ES-339, a guitar built to the design ethos of its predecessor the ES-335, but fashioned to proportions closer to those of the legendary Gibson solidbodies such as the Les Paul and SG. The gently arched top with real f-holes, thinline semi-hollow body, solid maple center block to reduce feedback and enhance sustain, rounded symmetrical cutaways with unparalleled upper-fret access—all here, minus a little of the bulk and weight.

Legendary tone from ’57 Classic humbuckers

Tonal excellence is yours when you plug the ES-339 into your favorite tube amplifier. Loaded with a pair of ’57 Classic humbucking pickups, each with their own volume and tone controls, you’ll be able to dial in chiming country tones as easily as savagely distorted rock tones. The neck pickup gives you classic hollowbody-style tones for everything from smooth jazz to dirty blues. Flip to the bridge position, and you’ll command sounds covering everything from bright and clean to raw and mean.

Hollowbody richness meets solidbody sustain

Gibson Custom designed the ES-339 to have the same tonal appeal as its predecessor, the ES-335, but with a smaller body style and enhanced sustain. You’ll love the tonal complexity provided by the semi-hollowbody, and you’ll especially love the resistance to feedback provided by the solid maple center block. Any guitarist of any caliber can appreciate the sound of the ES-339, but guitarists that perform nightly will find it to be a dream come true.

Gibson Custom’s commitment to quality

Gibson’s Custom Shop took extra care with every detail of the ES-339. Every Gibson Custom guitar receives an ultra-precise Plek Pro setup, which optimizes the fretboard and nut for incredibly accurate intonation and a “just right” feel. And little touches like the quartersawn mahogany neck and the 17-degree headstock angle not only add to the amazing tone and feel, they remain true to the ES Series as well as Gibson’s history.

Gibson Custom ES-339 Semi-hollowbody Electric Guitar Specifications :


• Top : Laminated Maple

• Body Type : Semi-Hollow, Chambered

• Back : Laminated Maple

• Binding : Single-ply, Cream


• Species : Mahogany

• Profile : 30/60 Slender and ’59 Rounded

• Truss Rod : Traditional

• Joint Angle : 4° (+/- 15 seconds)

Neck Fit

• Joint : Mortise & Tenon

• Adhesive : Franklin Titebond 50

• Joint Angle : Tolerance +/- .005″


• Species : Rosewood

• Frets : 22

• Radius : 12″

• Nut/E.O.B : 1.687/2.062

• Inlays : Mother-of-Pearl Dots

• Binding : Single-ply, Cream

• Other : Standard Fret Wire


• Material : White Corian

• Width : 1.687

• Slots : Gibson PLEK System


• Inlay : Mother of Pearl “Holly”

• Logo : Pearl Gibson Inlay

• Truss Rod Cover : Vintage Truss Rod Cover

• Angle : 17 Degrees


• Model : Vintage Tulip (Single Band)

• Plating : Nickel

• Tuning Ratio : 12:01


• Type : Tune-o-matic (ABR)

• Material : Zinc Surrounded by a die casting alloy

• Plating : Nickel


• Type : Stop Bar

• Material : ZAMAK

• Plating : Nickel Plated Gloss


• Knobs : Knobs Black Top Hats w/Silver Inserts

• Pickguard : 5-ply binding

• Strings : .010 – .046, Vintage Style strings

• Strap Buttons : Aluminum End Pins


• Neck Position : ’57 Classic

• Bridge Position : ’57 Classic

• Magnet Material Neck : Alnico II, Bridge: Alnico II


• Potentiometers Neck : Alnico II Bridge: Alnico II

• Type : 500k Audio Taper

• Coil Wiring: Parallel-Machine Wound

• Toggle Switch : Switchcraft Axial Toggle with Crème Toggle Cap

• Output Jack : 1/4″ Switchcraft


• Process : Gloss

• Sealer : Nitrocellulose Lacquer

• Colour : Vintage Sunburst


• Type : Gibson Memphis Silkscreened Case

• Case Exterior : Black leather