Gibson J-35 Reissue 2013 Antique Natural

Gibson J-35 Reissue 2013 Antique Natural

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Gibson have made some of the most iconic acoustic guitars and mandolins since Orville Gibson first built a strung instrument in 1894. Gibson's acoustic and semi acoustic designs are some of the most ornate and elegant instruments ever created. 

The J35 was created in the 1930's and is one of Gibson's most iconic designed acoustic guitars. Similar in looks to the J-45, the J35 has a slightly different bracing pattern giving a less scooped tone and more deep woody mid range. They are awesome for all styles of playing but excel for finger picking.  

It's a classy looking guitar with it's natural mahognay body, spruce top and the super cool 'firestripe' pickguard. The vintage looks are given even more of a boost with the white button tuners and the 'scroll' logo on top that really drives home how only a Gibson is good enough.

It's in great condition and comes with the original blue lined Gibson hard case. It'll be strung up with you're chosen gauge of strings before shipping. 

Thanks for looking! 

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