Gibson Les Paul Custom 2017 Pelham Blue


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Decedent, cool and classy, this Les Paul Custom's Pelham blue finish is eye catching to say the least. It's ebony fretboard makes for a wonderful mellow tone that's highly addictive to play. A rare bird that also happens to be a brilliant guitar.

The neck shape is round with enough shoulder to hang onto but doesn't feel awkward or bulky. It's got a marvellous action and is effortless to play. It's striking Pelham blue finish really makes you feel like your holding something truly marvellous. 

It's in outstanding condition and comes with it's original lifton hardcase. Having been imported from the chicago music exchange, it's even got a few CME picks in the case pocket to add to it's cool factor! 

Weight: 9.46 lbs / 4295 grams

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