Gibson Les Paul Standard 2015 Honeyburst Perimeter Candy


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This Les Paul may have a traditional honeyburst finish but it's specs are very modern. It's ultra thin, wide neck is great for playing fats paced lines and solos, with nothing to hold you back. 

The Les Paul 100 logo was only available on 2015 Gibson's as were many other specs this guitar comes with. The push pull switching gives you a plethora of tonal options that's really addictive to play with. 

The robot tuners and flimsy case have been replaced with much more traditional options to tone down the modern edge, just a little. Gibson deluxe tuners provide wonderful stability while maintaining that retro look. The case is a Canadian made Gibson version with a lovely white interior. 

Aside form a little clouding to the back of the guitar, it's in excellent condition and has been well looked after the last five years of it's life.

Weight: 9.05 lbs / 4105 grams

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