Gibson Les Paul Supreme 2004

Gibson Les Paul Supreme 2004

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Debuted in 2004, the Les Paul supreme was Gibson's answer to flash & bling. No expense was spared making these guitars with just about every every corner bound or inlay-ed with something unusual, they're definitely not ordinary.

This guitars chambered body wears a black gloss finish that shows of it's deep curves well. It's seven ply (yes, SEVEN) binding sits perfectly with the gold hardware. The dark ebony board contrasts beautifully with it's split block mother of pearl inlays and the abalone and brass earth head-stock inlay sends this Les Paul's decadence through the roof.

While it's like a piece of art on the wall, it's an exceptional sounding guitar. It's 490r and 498t pickups combined with ebony board and hefty body nail the honky and hollow tones of BB and Albert. 

A nice 50's rounded neck gives you more than enough to hold onto but doesn't get in the way of faster playing.

The guitar has suffered a head-stock break at some point along the line but we have had it professionally repaired with 2 splints. The job is so good that the break is not actually visible to the eye. 
Weight 9.58 lbs / 4350 grams

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