Gibson Nashville ES-335 Dot Plaintop 2009 Vintage Sunburst


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Weight: 8.32lbs / 3775 grams
Absolutely incredible Nashville made ES-335 in amazing condition. Bone nut upgrade upgrade makes this exceptional guitar truly sing. Original nut also included. All else is original. They are simply vastly superior to Memphis made ones, the difference is huge, the proof is right here, viewing highly recommended, plays and sounds even better than it looks, comes with C.O.A and original case.
Here is a brief explanation of the differences from and experts view:

Usually the quality of the sunburst finish is more precisely graduated. If you look through the f-holes the centre block, and the holes drilled through it won't look like a 5th form woodworking project! The kerfing won't show any signs of excessive glue squeeze. Rosewood on the board will be quite dark and may have some deep reds in it - there shouldn't be any fret-file grazes. There probably won't be excess filler around the inlays. Overall it should be quite a lightweight guitar. If you put a mirror inside an f-hole, the bracing will be nicely sculpted - often not so on a Memphis guitar.

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