Ibanez JEM77-FP Steve Vai Signature Black Floral Pattern 1989


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Looking like a pair of your nan's best leggings, this JEM77 is finished with an extremely cool 'Black Floral Pattern'. The signature monkey grip handle is an iconic addition for Via fans and the contoured heel makes upper fret access very easy. 

A set of Dimarzio PAF style humbuckers in combination with a single coil middle pickup lends versatility and lots of tonal fun to this amazing guitar. The floating floyd-style trem let's you dive to your heart's content and the locking nut and Gotoh tuners make sure it never goes out of tune. The slim neck and 25 Jumbo fret's are perfect for playing fast runs and arpeggios. 

It plays and sounds absolutely phenomenal and aside from vertical crack on the back of the headstock it's in very good condition, coming with the original hard case! 

Weight: 7.55 lbs / 3425 grams

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