Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo Head


Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 1989 was the fork in the road here at Mesa/Boogie. It was the year we embarked on a mission to Rectify high gain guitar and reintroduce MESA Engineering to the world.
Since the early 70's the Boogie Mark Series amplifiers have been famous for their gobs of overdrive and liquid sustain, making them the choice for a solo voice. Combining this thick gain with our on board 5 Band Graphic EQ produced lethal crunch as well and these trademark sounds propelled players and MESA into the spotlight for 20 years. Still, we yearned for more in our mosh.

We envisioned a menacing sound with the creamy voice of a Boogie, yet with huge low end that could track faster and stay tight even under the most extreme settings. In the early dawn of the gotee and tattoo era we longed to create another classic...a statement of the times, like the mighty little Boogie of the 70's. Our quest ended in the Dual & Triple Rectifier Solo Heads and the rest is history. Ten years later, the patented Dual Rectifier Series amplifiers continue to astonish us with their success. Throughout the 90's we introduced several other models in this line aimed at milder gain styles and they too found their legions of devotees.

Yet with hundreds of hit recordings and thousands of ecstatic customers, the Dual & Triple Solo Heads remain the mainstay of the Rectifier phenomenon. So it is with reverence, pride and excitement we introduce the Newest Rectos...The Three-Channel Solo Heads! These new machines of mayhem unleash all the punishing gain found in the original Rectos' two channels and add a powerful third channel dedicated to rhythm sounds. The high gain lead channels now each have an additional mode dubbed RAW that that travels the region of gain below that of the original VINTAGE mode. RAW, with its' touch sensitive response, lets you explore the heavier side of blues on up to classic rock ...revealing the soulful nature of this amazing tube rectified power section.

With these 3 new versatile channels, 8 incredible modes, the new SOLO feature, a Programmable & Footswitchable Effects Loop and a new stage-ready 5 Button Footcontroller , the new Dual and Triple Solo Heads are pure-bread, gain-wielding beasts...destined for the same iconic status bestowed upon their predecessors.

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