Suhr Modern Satin HSH with 510 Tremolo 2019 Cherry Satin


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Crafted from lightweight African Okoume, this Modern Satin 510 is an instrument of epic proportion. Finished in cherry satin, that adds a nice rustic look, this guitar is wonderful to look at and a joy to play.

Thanks to the incredible Suhr neck specs such as a modern elliptical neck shape, 24" stainless frets and a 14" radius, there's nothing to hold you back while playing this guitar. Notes fly effortlessly off the fretboard and fast runs could not be any more fun.

Thanks to the HSH configuration and a coil tapping option, almost all the bases are covered as far as tone goes. whether you're after spanky Strat sounds or powerful rock rhythms, this Suhr can do it all!

In mint condition, this blemish free, powerhouse instrument comes with it's original high quality gig back for easy transportation and wonderful protection.

Weight: 6.69 lbs / 3035 grams

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