Warmoth Stratocaster SSS Hardtail Black Rio Grande Pickups

Warmoth Stratocaster SSS Hardtail Black Rio Grande Pickups

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One of the first companies to offer custom made Fender style parts, Warmouth quickly became pioneers of the 'Partscaster'. Made with high qualtiy American wood and manufactured to precise measurements and contours, Warmouth make some of the best replacement parts money can buy.

This guitar has been built using top drawer parts and is a wonderful instrument all round. It's alder body has been sprayed with black gloss and fitted with a Warmouth black pickgaurd. The neck has a clear satin finish that feels lovely to play, with stainless steel 6015 frets and a brass nut. The 10" radius and '59 back profile make it a great player.

Other hardware to note is a Schaller hard tale bridge, Callaham neck plate & screws and Grover tuners. The pickups are Rio Grande-Muy Grande's which really pack a punch. With Alnico 5 magnets, wound to 8k these are some hot pickups!

Warmoth Alder Body – Black Gloss Warmoth Finish

Warmoth Black Pick Guard

Warmoth Maple Neck - Clear Satin Finish with Pearl Inlays – Brass Nut - Stainless Steel 6105 Frets

10' radius, 59 profile neck

Rio Grande-Muy Grande Strat, Set of 3 black pickups.

Schaller Hardtail Bridge

Grover Tuners

Electrical Parts – CTS / Switchcraft

Callaham Stainless Steel Neck Plate / Screws & Sting Tree

Professionally Set-up

Condition as new - Assembled, Set-up & Tested

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