Yamaha MSG Deluxe 1989 Cherry


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There's a reason why people go nut's for 80s Yamaha electrics, they're amazing. This MSG deluxe is a heavier take on the SG series with a locking nut and floating trem system. It stays perfectly in tune no matter how heavy your divebombs are and is really easy to play.

Despite being made in Taiwan, this guitar really feels like something you'd expect from PRS or Gibson, maybe even better! It's neck measures 20mm at the nut and 22mm at the 12th fret so is nice and slim. It's 13.75" radius and jumbo fret wire means you can achieve an extremely low action and the ebony fretboard adds a classy sheen to the whole guitar.

An incredible instrument in every respect, this 1989 MSG deluxe is in great condition and even comes with the original hard case! 

Weight: 9.06 lbs / 4110 grams

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